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Don’t be afraid to ask how something was made

By choosing sustainable materials and ethical brands, you can feel good about impact of your fashion choices on both people and the planet.

First I want to say that sustainability is a hard subject to talk about with complete authority, and there is always nuances within all these topics. I don’t feel comfortable calling myself a “sustainable business” but rather think of myself and my business as a part of an ever-improving process to be as sustainable as I can be. And I am committed to transparency throughout that journey.

I think everyone is aware that the fashion industry has a detrimental effect on the planet. Silver-plated jewelry, quickly lose their plating and expose the cheaper metals they’re really made of – often turning your skin green in the process and ending up in landfill. And let’s not forget the nasty chemicals used in the plating process that will be washed away into our water systems. Not only are these types of products disposed of quickly but are often made of materials (mainly plastics) that do not biodegrade and will spend their lifetime in the landfill releasing toxic chemicals into the air.

Photo by Katie Rodriguez on Unsplash


You have the choice to shop more sustainable jewelry. Investing your money in jewelry that will last you a lifetime, means you immediately and significantly reduce the amount you are sending to the landfill and your carbon footprint. I’m willing to bet that you will spend less money in the long run anyway. My pieces are crafted to be with you forever and the designs are thoughtfully created to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends.


Precious metal mining leaves scars on the earth, it contaminates drinking water causing harm to both humans and animals. Particles from unearthed and crushed rock impact the air quality and release sulfides. These sulfides create sulfuric acid when they combine with water, which causes acid drainage that seeps into streams, rivers and drinking water. Acid drainage is up to 200 times more acidic than acid rain.

Using recycled silver instead of producing new metals through mining decreases CO2 emissions, toxic waste and energy consumption. I have chosen to work in Argentium Silver 935 and 940 which has a higher silver content than Sterling Silver 925 making it whiter and brighter but more importantly it is made out of 100% traceable recycled silver.


It is very difficult to ensure that mined gemstones are both sustainably and ethically sourced, so I have chosen to work with lab-grown sapphires. As a part of my commitment to transparency, I do want to say that lab-grown sapphires, like all things we wear, take energy to create. While they are a more sustainable option than mined gemstones, there is always an environmental cost of some kind.

Are lab-grown sapphires real sapphires? Yes, lab-grown are totally and unequivocally real sapphires. They are optically identical and share the same chemical composition as mined sapphires. They are grown in a lab versus being mined from the earth. They have the same sparkle, clarity and aesthetic of earth mined sapphires but eliminates the negative effects of mining, social conflict, land devastation, wildlife displacement and harm to local communities.

Photo by Edgar Soto on Unsplash


I use natural solutions in my production process, for example a liquid called Pickleclean in place of other harsh chemicals to clean newly soldered jewelry. Pickleclean is a new safety pickle made from 100% non-toxic, food grade materials. I also use Luxi which is a water-based, silica and animal fat-free polishing compound, composed of an alumina oxide abrasive in a water-soluble binder.

In my efforts to be more sustainable I only make what you order, holding no excess inventory, to avoid wasting resources. I also practice circularity in my production meaning all waste generated when I create my jewelry is recycled back into my production process and turned into wire or sheets to be used again.


Responsibly made jewelry and sustainable packaging go hand-in-hand. I strive to make all my packaging plastic-free and reusable or recycled. I am currently transitioning my cardboard boxes into FSC certified boxes. I am also looking for a suitable eco-friendly alternative to the foam inserts. FSC certified means all materials used for the boxes come from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests. Products with the FSC 100% label contribute most directly to FSC mission to ensure thriving forests for all, forever.

“I make all my jewelry with those values in mind and I believe my customers share those values with me. Because how it is made truly matters.”
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