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Care instructions

Care instructions

Argentium silver 935 is naturally tarnish resistant but follow these recommendations for the best care of your jewelry.

  • Protect jewelry from hard blows, scratching, chemicals and prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures of heat/cold.
  • Store jewelry in a soft lined box or pouch with an anti tarnish strip. Try to keep pieces apart so they don’t rub together.
  • Clean jewelry regularly, using a professional jewelry cleaning product. Always read the manufacturers instructions. Be aware that if used on oxidized pieces the black oxidization will be removed. Instead gently rinse those pieces in lukewarm water with soap and dry thoroughly with soft cloth. Never use harsh cleaners on pieces with set stones. Instead use a polishing cloth.
  • Be aware of tarnish which may occur as a result of oxidization, caused by the interaction of silver with certain elements such as oxygen or sulphur as well as with certain acids.
  • Never go swimming wearing jewelry, as chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to all metals.
  • Avoid wearing while showering, cleaning, gardening or performing sports activities.
  • The black oxidization on some designs is a surface patina that will naturally wear off with time and turn to a softer grey/silver colour.
Purer – Argentium 935 set new purity standards for silver compared to The 925 in sterling silver.
Brighter – Argentium Silver is brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold, palladium and traditional Sterling.
Hypoallergenic – Argentium is suitable for those who are unable to wear traditional sterling silver.
Tarnish Resistant – Argentium Silver is low maintenance, easy to care for and simple to keep clean.
Responsible – Argentium Silver is made from ethically sourced silver.

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