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Life is complicated. It can be rough, uneven and sometimes edgy and sharp. But there is still beauty in every imperfection and this collection is about embracing all aspects of life. As a designer and maker I struggle with being a perfectionist and developing the Jagged collection has been a liberating process. To let go of the notion of creating perfection but simply to create out of joy, curiosity and out of love for the process.

Each piece has been handcrafted out of ceramic clay then bisque fired before getting glaze applied on both sides and fired a second time. It features a cappuccino/mint crystal glaze with chartreuse green along the edges. The crystal glaze can display some hairline cracks which is completely normal due to the nature of the glaze. The post and earnuts are crafted out of Argentium 935 silver which is brighter (than sterling), less prone to tarnish and considered hypoallergenic.

Each earring weighs approximately 3.6grams making them very comfortable and not too heavy to wear. They measure 2.5cm wide x3.4cm tall.



Care instructions

Ceramic is a sturdy material but could still break if dropped or exposed to heavy force so take care of your jewelry by keeping them in their jewelry box when not worn. Do not submerge in water or use chemicals to clean but simply wipe the ceramic with a damp cloth and use a silver polishing cloth to shine up the silver if needed.



Handmade in my tiny studio in southern Skåne, Sweden.


You will receive the jewelry shown in the images.



Purer – Argentium 935 set new purity standards for silver compared to The 925 in sterling silver.
Brighter – Argentium Silver is brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold, palladium and traditional Sterling.
Hypoallergenic – Argentium is suitable for those who are unable to wear traditional sterling silver.
Tarnish Resistant – Argentium Silver is low maintenance, easy to care for and simple to keep clean.
Responsible – Argentium Silver is made from ethically sourced silver.