So just wanted to give you guys a quick status update on what is going on with me right now. I have decided to take a leave of abscense from my day job starting mid August and 6 months forward. Doing this full time has been a dream for me for a very long time. I think I will always wonder if I don’t try. Being in the studio and creating is where I am truly happy. So no guts no glory, right?

In order to be able to do this I am working hard behind the scenes, building collections, working on this website, photographing, order new supplies and trying to set up my tiny studio space in a way that will accommodate for me working full time there. I have plans for converting an outdoor shed we have to a studio but it requires a fair amount of work before that will be ready for any smithing so I will have to make due with the basement for a while.

As I am working on creating collections I also have plans to reach out to local boutiques. I think solely relying on my website will be a misstake so I need to find retailers who are interested in carrying my designs. If you have any tips feel free to send me an email at .

For anyone local I am happy to announce that I will be participating in an art and design market at Lilla Torg, Malmö, September 28-29. I hope to see you there!

Love // tess

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